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Consecrated Copper Vishnu Padam

Consecrated Copper Vishnu Padam

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Discover the profound essence of devotion with our Consecrated Copper Vishnu Padam, a symbolic representation of the Vishnupad of Gaya Kshetra. 

Here, Lord Vishnu killed demon Gayasur by stamping his foot on his chest. After Lord Vishnu pushed the demon under the earth, his footprint was retained in a rock. These sacred feet possess the power to purify and uplift the environment, creating positive energies for those who seek solace. 

How to Use:

You can place the Vishnu Padam in your Puja room and worship it every day for greater spiritual illumination and deeper connection with the divine. You may also choose to gift it to your friends and family to help them attain divine blessings and protection against all storms in life.

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