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Energized Pitru Yantra Copper

Energized Pitru Yantra Copper

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Discover the divine essence of ancestral reverence with our Pitru Yantra. Meticulously crafted with reverence, this yantra is a testament to ancient Vedic traditions. Adorned with intricate engravings, it symbolizes the invocation of blessings from ancestors and the fostering of familial harmony. It is a tangible reminder of spiritual connection and lineage respect. Elevate your spiritual journey
and cherish this sacred keepsake, seeking divine guidance and ancestral blessings with every glance.

Enrich your home puja mandir with the presence of our Copper Pitru Yantra, a revered symbol of ancestral blessings and spiritual guidance. Through nitya puja rituals, this sacred artifact offers a conduit for invoking divine blessings and fostering harmony within your household.

Embrace the transformative power of the Pitru Yantra  as it bestows a multitude of blessings upon your life:


  • Experience relief from mental and physical ailments through its divine energy.
  • Overcome career obstacles and achieve your professional goals with renewed clarity and determination.
  • Receive blessings for progeny, fortune, and abundance, bringing harmony and peace of mind to your family.
  • Restore fertility and bring joy to your household, fostering happiness and fulfillment.
  • Balance all types of relationships, nurturing love, understanding, and unity among loved ones.
  • Find resolution to financial and work-related challenges, ushering in prosperity and success.

Usage : You can place this sacred yantra in your home and engage in daily worship, let its divine energy permeate your home, bringing blessings and guidance to every aspect of your life.

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