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Energized Shiv Parvati Coin - 5 Grams

Energized Shiv Parvati Coin - 5 Grams

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  • Removes delays in marriage
  • Grants the boon of an ideal life partner to you
  • Resolves marital disturbances and restores marital harmony
  • Invites positivity, good luck and prosperity into the house.

How to Use:

Place this sacred silver coin in your Puja room and offer prayers to the deity everyday. 

You can also use the silver coin by:

  1. i) keeping it on the decorated “aarti ki thali” during any special worship on any auspicious occasion to invite prosperity into your life.
  2. ii) placing it in your safe drawer where you keep your jewellery or money in your house to invite prosperity and progress.
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