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Energized Silver Sudarshan Coin - 5 Grams

Energized Silver Sudarshan Coin - 5 Grams

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Introducing the Energized Silver Sudarshan Coin – Using silver items in puja enhances the purity of offerings, amplifies the divine energy, and symbolizes prosperity and auspiciousness in Hindu rituals. This coin is meant to enhance your spiritual journey and bring divine protection into your life. Each coin is carefully made with the image of Lord Sudarshan on one side and the sacred Sudarshan Yantra on the other.

Unlock Divine Protection:

The Sudarshan Yantra, engraved on the coin, is a powerful symbol of divine protection and guidance. It connects you to the cosmic energies of Lord Sudarshan, known for his strength and protection. Carrying this coin invites blessings, shielding you from negativity and bringing positivity and prosperity.

Radiant Energy of Lord Sudarshan:

The other side of the coin shows Lord Sudarshan, emanating divine energy and grace. His presence reassures you and guides you through life's challenges with wisdom.

Empower Your Spiritual Journey:

Whether you seek protection, or guidance, or want to decorate your altar, this coin elevates your spiritual practice. Carry it with you, place it on your altar, or gift it to a loved one for divine blessings.

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