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Radha and Shyam Kund Jal

Radha and Shyam Kund Jal

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Discover the sacred water collected from Radha and Shyam Kund, the two pious ponds situated in Arita village near Govardhan hill of Mathura. 

Believed to be the two eyes of Govardhan hill, these Kunds have witnessed many sweet pastimes of Radha-Krishna. The legend dates back to a time when Lord Krishna killed a demon bull and Radha asked him to wash his sin by bathing in a holy river. 

Lord Krishna laughed and stroked the ground with his heel to create Shyam Kund which consists of water as sacred as Ganga Jal. By seeing this, Radha and her sakhis also created a kund for themselves adjacent to Shyam Kund by digging the place with their bracelets. 

Elevate your spiritual journey and experience sacredness with Radha and Shyam Kund Jal. Order today!


  • brings peace, harmony, and a profound sense of spiritual connection.
  • Helps in warding off negative energies, past sins and bad karma
  • Invites positivity and good luck into the house when sprinkled in every corner

How to Use:

  • You can use this sacred water in any of the auspicious occasions, festivals and Pujas round the year. 
  • Sprinkling this Jal on yourself or your family members can also help in purifying your soul and cleansing your past sins.
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